Come bird with us! We’d love to have you! We’re out to have a good time, learn a bit and see a bit; this is not a competitive or high-powered time out. We’ll have our binoculars if you need a loaner and good company. 

Chris and Lisa are at it again and will be taking out walks to look for winter water fowl, shore birds and our local friends. We're heading out for all walks in this series at 9 AM, starting at Playland Parking lot BEFORE the gate to Read Sanctuary, Rye, NY. We shift to Marshlands for May 21st's walk! Please meet us in the parking lot to get us all started together. These walks will be cold so please be ready for the colder, windy location. We have loaner binoculars if you need them and we're interested in making sure you see the birds, so you too can enjoy their beauty.

Both Chris and Lisa drive red can't miss them!

May 7th - Read Sanctuary


Special Walk!

Saturday May 13 – Marshlands Conservancy in Rye, 8:30 AM. Meet in front of the nature center. Call 914-946-1780 for more information. This should be about the height of Spring Migration and we'll get out a bit earlier & perhaps stay out a bit longer. This walk will be lead by Susan Fried, an excellent birder and one of our treasured Board members.

Are you concerned about the weather or if we'll be there? Please DO NOT leave us an e-mail or Facebook message in the hour before we're due to meet; we won't see it! If the weather is a question we'll post any info about that by about 6am the day of our walk on our Facebook page.

See you soon!

A Great Link to Get You Started

Our not so distant neighbors in New Jersey have an excellent tip sheet on how to survive a bird walk or tour and we think you'd like to read it if you've not seen it. Click here to head briefly to New Jersey!