There are a number of ways to stay in touch with us and join our efforts.

By joining Audubon you become a member of a community of people who are enthusiastic and committed to caring for local wildlife and preserving your community. Help protect birds, wildlife, and their habitat while enjoying the many benefits of membership.

You have two ways to join Audubon. You may join as a Chapter Only Member or you may join as a National Audubon Member. All members of National Audubon who live in our chapter area are automatically enrolled as members of the Central Westchester Audubon Society chapter.

What's the difference? Chapter Only members will have all their dues applied directly to our local activities while National members will be a part of the larger pool of Audubon members whose donations fund local, state and national efforts.

National Audubon/Chapter Membership
Join for $20 a year and receive 6 issues a year of the award-winning Audubon magazine as well as membership in Central Westchester Audubon and issues of our chapter newsletter. Your dues will support the state, national and local programs of National Audubon as well as the costs of the magazine. To join National Audubon click here. Please enter Chapter code R24 so we can benefit from a program sponsored by National Audubon to gain a few extra dollars for first time memberships. Thanks!

Chapter-Only Membership
For a minimum of $20 a year, you may choose to join as a chapter-only member.  All of your dues will go directly to the local chapter. You will not receive Audubon magazine. Many of our members choose to do both National and Chapter only so that both local as well as national issues gain their financial support. Whatever works best for you is accepted with gratitude. If you would like to receive paper copies of our newsletters you may request that but we have switched over to e-mail distribution of as our primary means of community.

To join Central Westchester Audubon as a Chapter Only member you'll need to send us your check with your name, e-mail address and preferred mailing address. You can send the check to: CWAS, P.O. Box 359, White Plains, NY, 10602.